Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stall Holder Spotlight - Jo from Dusty Plum


Our July 29th Market is getting closer, so time to introduce a new stall holder.
Jo from  Dusty Plum  creates beautiful accessories  with fabric covered buttons.
A Thornbury mum this will be Dusty Plum's first market,
make sure you stop by and say hello at her lovely stall.
Dusty Plum

1. What do you create ?
I make accessories such as hair ties, necklaces and brooches using covered buttons. I have long had a love of beautiful fabrics but alas even after extended sewing classes at the Thornbury Women’s Neighbourhood House I had to admit defeat, I do not have the sewing gene. Making buttons allows me to indulge my love of fabric whilst not sewing a stitch, win!
2. What is your favourite thing that you sell ?
I must admit that it changes often and revolves around my latest amazing fabric find. I am madly addicted to Liberty of London cotton lawn and have a growing collection of fabrics as they bring out ‘seasonal’ collections twice yearly which means I never have time to get bored with what they produce.
3. How long have you been making/baking/creating ?
I started fiddling around with fabrics and buttons late last year and made a bunch for my daughter’s school’s Fete which sold incredibly well. This then inspired me to make presents for my friends, who then gave me the confidence to start a little business, which I did in February 2011. I have an online store via Etsy which enables me to sell to all corners of the world.
4. Who inspires you to create ?
My friend Jacquie has been creating numerous hand-made pretties for the last few years under the name ‘Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree’ and has stalls in Hobart at their amazing markets, and also Etsy and MadeIt web-shops, I think of her as my mentor and inspiration!
5. What made you want to sell your goodies at the market?
I live on the same block as the TWNH and have been involved in it in a number of ways since I moved there in 2002, the same year my first child was born. I love that it is local and supportive to the women in my direct community. The price is affordable to hold my first stall and although I’m nervous, I’m also very excited to get to know more of the crafters in my community.
6. Coffee or tea?
Oh coffee! I could not survive without a coffee each morning! I have three young children and luckily an amazing industrial Italian coffee machine which helps me get through each and every day!
7. And how many do you need to be market ready ?
Just the one, I’ll be nervous as it is my first every market so I want to be alert and not too jittery!
8. What’s the best thing about living in the Thornbury area ?
The diversity and creativity whether that be musical, literary, art and craft, food, or anything else. You could never accuse our community of being bland!
9. Name three crafty things that you can’t live without :
My fabric collection, my computer which helps me to source fabrics, findings, new ideas and communicate as a full time mother, and my kids who are crafty in their own right and also great for giving positive criticism and being fabulous models of my goods!
10. One more thing that our lovely market shoppers should know about you....?
I guess just how grateful I am for the fantastic support I have had from my friends in the creation of my new business, friends who have helped me with design, IT help, supplies, idea, positivity and encouragement.

Dusty Plum, just like us loves her social media :
Visit her lovely blog,
Follow her crafty adventures on facebook and twitter
and enoy her lovely images on flickr

Don't forget to visit DustyPlum in person
at our next market, July 29th 4-7pm.

Made n Thornbury Community Market


  1. Jo's things are really lovely. Wish I could visit the market.

  2. I hope the market day went well for you. I agree with Jacquie that your things are really lovely.


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