Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stall Holder Spotlight - Cathie from Melbourne Epicure

Image courtesy of Melbourne Epicure

 Welcome to the first of our series of Stall Holder spotlight interviews.
Our market wouldn't be complete, or nearly as friendly and yummy without regular food genius and all round lovely lady, Cathie from Melbourne Epicure.
Beautiful image courtesy of Melbourne Epicure

Cathie also has a beautiful blog where she shares recipes, insights and beautiful photos.
Thankyou Cathie for taking some time out this week for a chat with us :

1. What do you create ?
I bake lots of delicious sweets, cupcakes, pear & almond tarts, lemon tarts, gingerbread, cookies, savoury tarts, herb breads and other seasonal goodies
2. What is your favourite thing that you sell ?
I have to say gingerbread people because no matter what, people always love a good gingerbread and they always sell out
3. How long have you been making/baking/creating ?
Have been baking for the last 4 1/2 years
4. Who inspires you to create ?
My friends, my family, people who love what I bake and look forward to seeing me at a market so they can buy some yumminess
5. What made you want to sell your goodies at the market?
After having our first child, we decided to try selling at farmers markets so my partner and I got our food permits & certificates and started our little business selling things we love to make. My partner being a chef was a good incentive.
6. Coffee or tea?
definitely tea, yummy chai with soy and honey
7. And how many do you need to be market ready ?
I do all of my baking the day before and the morning of a market. Everything is freshly made so I am always a little sleep deprived come market day. The pre-market hurricane in the house is sorted after a market!
8. What’s the best thing about living in the Thornbury area ?
I love the craft, the community, the like minded people, the sense of belonging
9. Name three crafty things that you can’t live without :
I could not live without my mixer, my oven and my piping bag!
10. One more thing that our lovely market shoppers should know about you....?
I have just started up a Melbourne Epicure Facebook page as I was getting orders from friends and friends of friends for birthday cakes and cupcakes. I am loving every minute of it and hoping that this little business will keep growing day by day.
Image courtesy of Melbourne Epicure
 Be sure to stop by the Melbourne Epicure blog and facebook page
and of course visit Cathie at the next Made 'n Thornbury market on July 29th from 4pm.

Made n Thornbury Community Market

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