Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to not go silly during the silly season.....part 1.

It is now less than a month til Christmas ! Can anyone else believe how fast this year has gone ?

So, the silly season is definitely upon us......but fear not, we have a few tricks up our sleeves and we are sharing them with you.

Welcome to the Made 'n Thornbury, "how to not go silly during the silly season" posts.

First up, let me pour you a well deserved glass of wine.......

Now, have you been to the shops lately - already crazy !  Might we suggest you do as much shopping away from shopping centres as possible.....

This includes your festive wine..... Yes, TWNH is selling delicious Yarra Valley wine at a great price AND you can order online and then collect from TWNH at 131 Shaftesbury Parade. Couldn't be easier. The wine sales are also raising funds for our programs and projects next year, so really, it's guilt free wine.

What could be better for your Christmas, New Year and summer parties and entertaining ?

We're quite partial to the Sauvignon Blanc......

In addition to cases of wine, we'll be selling  WINE BY THE GLASS at our Christmas market on Saturday December 13th. With extended hours, from 10am - 4pm.
Again, avoid the shops, support your local makers, have a glass of wine and enjoy the market.

Guaranteed to keep the silly out of the silly season !

Looking forward to seeing our community at the market on December 13th.

Made n Thornbury Community Market