Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twilight Christmas Market wrap up.

Well I have been floating on air all week !
What a fabulous market we had last Friday at our 
Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market Christmas Twilight Market.

A room full of stallholders with gorgeous handmade goods,
yummy food, kids crafting up a storm
and lots of happy customers.

almost makes me want to do it all again next week !
But never fear we will be back next year and we have lots of exciting things planned.
Here's a small selection of photos from the market :

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, 
be sure to check out our Stallholders Page above.
Many of our talented stallholders have online stores still open to get those last minute Christmas gifts.

A very big thankyou to all our stallholders and customers that stopped by the market.

Made n Thornbury Community Market

Friday, December 2, 2011

Market day.......TODAY

Hope to see you there.
Made n Thornbury Community Market

Stallholder Spotlight - Angelina From Tea and Sympathy

It's market day TODAY
and we are very pleased to welcome Angelina from Tea and Sympathy to the market.

1. What do you create ?
My business is about sourcing beautiful leaf teas that I think people will love. Tea is a natural product that has been grown and enjoyed in Asia for a couple of thousand years before it made its way to the west. I don’t create the tea! but I do aim to inspire an interest in, and appreciation for the depth and diversity of tea.
2. What is your favourite thing that you sell ?

I have a range of delectable ‘Blue’ or oolong teas that I absolutely love. I have to try not to drink all my stock! They have such interesting and diverse flavour characteristics, but are relatively unknown outside Asia. I want to tell people about them!

3. How long have you been making/baking/creating ?

I have been a tea enthusiast for some time, but it has been the last year or so that I have been actively buying and tasting teas from around the world, and educating myself about the leaf!
4.Who inspires you to create ?

I feel inspired hearing and reading stories about people who have followed a passion and have successfully created a livelihood around that.
Lately I’ve met some great people doing interesting things with tea – Anne Norman aka Camellia Cha who authored Curiosi-tea, and May King Tsang are just two who come to mind.
My partner – a graphic designer and generally creative person – inspires me to ‘think outside the box’.
5.What made you want to sell your goodies at the market?

Selling at the market is a great way to engage with people, find out what they are after, and share some knowledge about tea. I like people to be able to smell and taste the teas that they buy, and at the markets you can do that – I usually have a few pots of different teas on the table for people to try.

6.Coffee or tea?

I don’t mind the odd cup of coffee, but I have a constant supply of green and blue teas throughout the day!

7.And how many do you need to be market ready ?

I would like more but I usually miss out in the rush of getting everything ready.
8.What’s the best thing about living in the Thornbury area ?
The people. And the sense of community.

9.Name three crafty things that you can’t live without :

I love handmade soaps - I can never have too many of those !

10.One more thing that our lovely market shoppers should know about you....?

I love talking about tea so come and have a chat whether or not you’re in the market for some new tea!

Thanks for joining us Angelina.
I look forward to trying your delicious teas at the market today.