Monday, October 8, 2012

Make Craft Your Business SUPERSTAR Interviews

You know we love our Make Craft Your Business stallholders right ?

Well, we have another SUPERSTAR interview for you. The bubbly and colourful and talented Jacinta......

Jacinta with her partner in CRAFT, Liz.

1. Tell us a little about your craft ?

Well, Just Jacinta Designs has aspirations to  make and create every awesome thing in the world!!! But just right now I make the following:

- String art
- Cushions
- Signature books – for 21st’s 18th’s etc
- Glitter name plaques
- Scrabble word wall art
- Earring stands
- pretty much everything and  anything that is bright & happy!!

2. What is your business name and how did it come about ?

For as long as I can remember whenever I made something or painted something (and of course I had to show it off to mum and dad!)  Dad would always say: have you signed it with: Just Jacinta???

I used to think it was a little odd but I signed a few things as Just  Jacinta. Now that I think about it‘s pretty cool that I can use it as my name for a business that provides me with so much joy – just as my childhood of crafting did.

3. How did you find out about Make Craft Your Business ?

I was talking to a local lady who had done the mosaics course at the house and then she gave me a brochure on all the courses  ran by TWNH and when I saw the MYCB course I nearly fell over – it was perfect!!

Just what I needed to get the information and support I needed to commit myself and really jump in!!

4. How did MCYB help you and your business ?

It was the biggest boost and got me motivated and inspired! It gave me confidence to sign up for my first stall for  one as well as set up a website, facebook page and  just commit to my passion.

5. What’s the best thing you learnt from MCYB ?

I got to meet all these amazing women who I can relate to and we share a passion and excitement for
all these awesome crafts. It really just inspires you and makes you feel like anything is possible!!

There is so much support!! – also pricing because I had no idea!!!

6. How was your first market stall?

My first market stall was – scary to be honest.

I was super nervous and stressed out (not much sleep the night before!!). After a while I relaxed a little and when I had a few customers it was just like I was in my element – smiling, talking, laughing and really connecting with people – including other stallholders!!

7. How did MCYB help you prepare for your stall at Made ‘n Thornbury Craft Market ?

There were so many amazing hints and advice from the other women who came and spoke to us. All the websites and links and just all the helpful hints that come up in the group chit chats!!

Thanks Jacinta for stopping by with your infectious enthusiasm.

You can see Jacinta at the next Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market and stop by her Facebook page and website

Made n Thornbury Community Market

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