Friday, September 28, 2012

Make Craft Your Business SUPERSTAR Interviews

We're quite proud of our Make Craft Your Business Course and very proud of the beautiful crafters that take part in the course.

We've asked some of our recent participants to share their craft story with us.......

Jacinta and Liz supporting each other at Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market

1. Tell us a little about your craft ?

I make greetings cards using my own designs created on my iPad.  I use several apps to paint pictures and manipulate images.  It's a great way to be creative.  I used to dabble with traditional painting and drawing but this way is less messy.  It requires just as much artistic endeavour.

2. What is your business name and how did it come about ?

Lizandbobdesigns.  I'm Liz and Bob is my scruffy little terrier.  He is in the logo and is the model for one of the cards, but I do most of the work.  It came about when I was put on the spot about my business name and it was the first name that came to mind. I like it though.

Just one of the beautiful card designs created by Liz

3. How did you find out about Make Craft Your Business ?

I am local, and have been a fan of  TWNH for many years.  I have always been a shopper at the Made n 
Thornbury market.  I found out about the course as it was advertised online along with market publicity.

4. How did MCYB help you and your business ?

It has helped me focus, and shown me that I really can turn my hobby into a business.  The course has given me a lot of need-to-know information as well as genuine encouragement from the presenters and the other participants.

5.What’s the best thing you learnt from MCYB ?

 It has informed me about a great range of resources that exist to help me even after the course finishes. Dee and the presenters were very generous with their knowledge and experience, and you know it's all good advice as they run their own businesses too.

6. How was your first market stall?

I was surprisingly nervous!  Luckily I found out that others feel the same. It really is a challenge to put your creations on sale for the first time.   I really enjoyed it though, and sold a satisfying number of cards.  I also found other stallholders friendly and helpful. It is a market with a good vibe, perfect for beginners. 

7. How did MCYB help you prepare for your stall at Made ‘n Thornbury Craft Market ?

For me, the actual display of the market stall was a challenge, so the session on that really helped. It was useful to look at some good examples.  And the checklist of what to bring/do on the day  was excellent.  

Thanks Liz for stopping by and being our MCYB Superstar this week.

Visit Liz at a market, online and on facebook.

Made n Thornbury Community Market

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