Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Hear ye, hear ye !"

"The term "Posting A Notice" comes from the act of the town crier, who having read his message to the townspeople, would attach it to the door post of the local inn." courtesy of Wikipedia

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But in today's modern times we POST online without as much fanfare. And which 'local inn' would I post  my message to??? Most likely the local formerly known as The Bender Bar, but too many pints of the local brew and this blogger doesn't make alot sense......

So....."hear ye, hear ye" stall holders! 
I am here to announce our very first  Stallholder Meeting.

Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House, 
Wednesday September 14th 7pm.
Light snacks provided.

We'll be discussing ways to improve the volume of customers each market attracts 
and to encourage further stall holder participation in the development of the market.
RSVPs are appreciated so please comment on this blog post,
or 'like' us and RSVP on facebook.

"Come one, come all !" 

See you then,
Made n Thornbury Community Market

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  1. Sarah from AdelaideNovember 30, 2011 at 4:24 PM

    I have just been looking over your blog having been directed here by Market Angel.

    I really like the way each stallholder is highlighted and that stories accompany each. It looks as though the organisers (you) have put in a huge effort into not only promoting the market but injecting a bit of personality and individuality into it too. My only bugbear is the logo - 'n' means 'and' not 'in'! But that's the English teacher coming out in me...sorry! :)

    I only wish, heartily wish, that organisers in Adelaide would put as much effort as you have into the markets we have here. By comparison, we are truly woeful. (I honestly despair of it sometimes).

    Guess I will just have to visit Thornbury instead.

    Anyway, well done. This blog is a credit to you and what appears to be a wonderful market.


Thanks for your interest in the Made n Thornbury Market