Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hhmmmm market day...what am I forgetting ?

In the lead up to a market, do you ever get that sinking feeling that you've forgotten something ?

Something really important.....

I've had that feeling ALL week, and keep checking my to-do list.

Hall - check
Clever Stallholders - check
New signage - check
Facebook, instagram, twitter - check
Blog posts - check
Coffee - check
CAKE - check

Hmmmmmm ! And then it came to me.........I'm missing Trisha !

Trisha, TWNH's esteemed Community Program's Coordinator retired at the end of last year. I know this to be true as we sent her off with cake (thanks Melbourne Epicure) Champagne, awkward but well intended speeches (yours truly) and a beautiful gift made by Drifting Cloud Designs and our talented stallholders.

However, the run up to this market has been markedly different without Trisha. For starters, just where is the purple basket with all the market day bits and bobs ??
Does anyone know where the magic broom is stored ??

However, much more than practicalities, it's Trisha's unique and vibrant energy that I and many others will miss.

With a jingle of Made 'n Thornbury purchased Kate Campbell earrings, Trisha swept into the market bringing a smile, an encouraging word to Stallholders and a sometimes booming voice to remind folks that the raffle was this way and you really should try the coffee/cake/craft/wine.

Passionate about women's issues globally and locally, nothing made Trisha happier than seeing local women succeed at Made 'n Thornbury. 

I'm sure we'll see Trisha at the market, more relaxed and without a market day care in the world.

In the meantime, if you see me muttering to myslef, the broom is in the cleaning cupboard !

Made n Thornbury Community Market

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