Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Making 2014 our best year yet.......

Welcome to 2014 !

Yes, I know the year is already 7 weeks old, but no need to rush into these things right ??

Our lovely little market is 7 years old this year and each year, in our humble opinion, gets better and better.

We have plans and crazy ideas to make this year even better.......

However, we do need support to make this happen.

There is a little list below of things that would help us out this year. None of them are particularly big or expensive, but the sum total adds up and weighs down our volunteer shoulders !

Maybe, just maybe, you have one or two things on the list below that you don't need anymore.

Or know someone who knows someone that may be able to donate to us......

1. Calico or white fabric that could be used to make bunting.

2. Fabric markers. Coloured sharpie pens. Fabric paint.

3. Ribbon or bias bind that can be used to string bunting together.

4. Mats or artificial grass for the courtyard area. These can be borrowed and we promise to return them.

5. A couple of slightly run down arm chairs and couches. Again these can be borrowed.

6. Buskers. Performers. Musical Groups. Circus acts.

7. Craft supplies.

8.  A graphic designer to design some signage for us.

9. Happy smiling stallholders.

10. Happy smiling shoppers.

Can you help us out....... ?

If you have any donations, questions or concerns.....please email Dee at madenthornbury@gmail.com

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at our first market on March 22nd.

Made n Thornbury Community Market

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  1. SURE! I'm just going to pick up the phone and talk with you about what I've got here ;)


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