Friday, November 11, 2011

Make Craft Your Business Sucess Story : Angela - Made by a Mzungu

If you were at our October 15th Market,
I'm sure you saw and were impressed by the beautiful  resin jewellery 
handmade by Angela from  Made by a Mzungu.
What you might not know,
is that Angela recently took part in our Make Craft Your Business Course.

We caught up with Angela to get her thoughts on the course and her very first market : 

Angela at her fabulously styled Made by a Mzungu stall

1.  What do you create?

I create resin jewellery pieces - brooches, pendants, cufflinks and earrings - using stamps and photos from my travels.

2.  What is your favourite thing that you sell?

My resin pendants and cufflinks - need more "boy" items.

Made by a Mzungu
 3.  How long have you been making/baking/creating?

I've been a craft "dabbler" most of my life trying all sorts of crafty things.  I've been making my resin jewellery since the beginning of the year.

4.  What prompted you to take part in the TWNH's "Make Craft Your Business" course?

The course sounded really interesting and I wanted to investigate what was involved if I wanted to take my hobby further.  It turned out to be one of the best courses I had ever done!

5.  What was the best thing you took from the course?

The course gave me the confidence to sell my pieces at a market.

Made by a Mzungu at the October Made 'n Thornbury Craft Market
6.  How has your approach to your craft and business changed since you completed the course.

Since completing the course I've gained confidence in my product - I know what I make is good enough to sell.

7.  Tell us about your first market!

My first Made 'n' Thornbury market was such a positive experience - it was relaxed, friendly and had a really nice atmosphere.  It was also a great morale booster for me as I sold a number of my pieces!

8.  Coffee or tea?  How many do you need to be market ready?

One weak latte with one sugar please - that does it for me.

9.  Name three crafty things that you can't live without.

Resin, pictures and glue.

10.  One more thing that our lovely market shoppers should know about you.

I have a great love of Africa - especially East Africa - the sights, the colours, the vibrancy  - can't wait to get back.

Thanks Angela,
It was great to see that you had a wonderful day at your first market.
You can follow Angela on her crafty adventures at her blog
and you will find her at our Christmas Twilight Market on December 2nd.

Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House will be running
the Make Craft Your Business again next year......
to register your interest please email
We will also post details here when enrolments are open.

Happy Crafting,
  Made n Thornbury Community Market

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